John Naccarelli (Sky Nurses)


Profile Information

Title: CEO

Organization: Sky Nurses


Bio: ITIJ Medical Provider of the Year Award Winner in 2020 and Finalist in 2019, and CAMTS accredited, Sky Nurses is preferred by major travel insurers and assistance companies around the globe. Sky Nurses is a licensed travel agency and the complete solution for medical transport/repatriation. We have a long-standing and proven history of success in providing cost-effective, high-quality healthcare services with a 24/7/365 operation.

Business Categories: Autre soutien; Fournisseurs d’assistance et de services; Services de rapatriement; Air Ambulance

Contact Information

6530 W. Rogers Circle Ste 31
Boca Raton, FL
United States 33487

Téléphone: 8666118434
Portable: 3108715469
Télécopieur: 8669937474


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