Mike Vallee (Air Ambulance Worldwide)


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Title: Vice President of Business Development

Organization: Air Ambulance Worldwide

Website: http://www.airambulanceworldwide.com

Bio: Air Ambulance Worldwide was founded in 2004 on the principle that every mission flown should provide uplifting care and outstanding support for our patients. Well into our second decade of operations - with thousands of patients safely transported - Air Ambulance Worldwide is a Eurami-accredited provider that continues to grow while adhering to this founding principle. With a fleet of Lear 55 and Lear 35 jet aircraft, Air Ambulance Worldwide provides international air ambulance solutions for safety-conscious clients requiring a partner with a spotless safety record and medical care that exceeds industry standards. Air Ambulance Worldwide: Uplifting Care and Outstanding Support

Business Categories: Autre soutien; Services de rapatriement; Air Ambulance

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