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LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Corp.

Operating on a global basis, LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services is a Canadian owned and operated air medical service firm, specializing in global commercial repatriation, commercial airline stretcher service, and air ambulance medevac. We move patients locally, regionally and internationally by all modes of transport. Our unique worldwide client list includes emergency assistance companies, travel insurance companies, governments, hospitals and health authorities, major financial institutions and group benefits plans.

24/7 Dispatch Contacts: Toll Free: +1-866-554-3817 Dispatch Phone: +1-250-947-9641 Dispatch Fax: +1-877-288-2908 Service Geography: Worldwide Service Type: Commercial Medical Escorts, Air Ambulance, Ground Ambulance, Bed Find Base Locations: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Fort Lauderdale, Frankfurt

Clinical Capabilities

• Global presence with operations & staff around the world • 3 Critical Care Transport Teams with full equipment sets • 2 fully dedicated air ambulance aircraft • 15 commercial airline medical escort medical kits & Portable Oxygen Concentrators • 3 Ground Ambulances for regional and long distance ground ambulance transfers • Two Medical Directors (Canadian Medical Director and USA Medical Director) • Robust Clinical Operations department with an emphasis on clinical support, education and QA • 107 staff (full time, part-time, casual)

Logistical Capabilities

• 24/7 Dispatch with dedicated dispatch centre and medically trained flight coordinators • Specialized teams including our worldwide Rapid Response Medical Team • Global bed find and patient placement program • Unique capabilities such as critical care transport on board commercial airlines • Complex aeromedical case management team for complicated, high risk or high profile cases


• 15 years of continuous, uninterrupted, accident free operations • Average of 500 medical evacuation and repatriation cases per year • EURAMI accredited for commercial airline, air ambulance and adult critical care transport • One of the first EURAMI programs accredited for Commercial Airline Transfers Commercial Airline Medical Escorts Staff located in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale and Frankfurt

• Ability to fly full ICU patients on commercial flights with continuous intensive care • Strategic placement of staff around the world, creating a true global network of medical escorts • All medical escorts are employed in house, not subcontracted • Unique partnerships with major carriers such as Lufthansa, Qantas, Air Canada and Emirates • Specialists in worldwide commercial airline stretcher transports • We leverage the global network of commercial airlines to handle complex, difficult cases • EURAMI accredited for commercial airline medical transports

Air Ambulance Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto Base Locations

• Three air ambulance base locations: Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto • Operating from a King Air 200, King Air 300, Lear 45, Falcon 10 & 20 • EURAMI accredited for adult critical care, inter-continental fixed wing air ambulance

Commercial Stretcher Transport

We have formed strategic, unique and robust relationships with major airlines around the world in support of our global commercial airline stretcher program. In addition to working with major airlines, we have developed key relationships with air ambulance companies on each continent, as a feeder network for inter-continental stretcher cases.

As part of our Critical Care Transport program, our air ambulance medevac crews and equipment often travel on commercial airlines, and by commercial airline stretcher, with high level patients. Our strategic relationships with major carries such as Emirates Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and Air New Zealand provide LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services and our clients with access to true inter-continental, long range transport resources on a global basis, at a fraction of the cost of traditional air ambulance transport. Complex Aeromedical Case Management

LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services provides complex aeromedical case management services to travel assistance and insurance companies around the world. We leverage our unique networks, diverse skill sets and global experience to bring complex, high profile and high priority cases and medical transports to a safe conclusion using a variety of methods and techniques. Once assigned a case, we manage the patient from pre-flight preparation and care through to safe arrival. The Complex Aeromedical Case Management Team works collaboratively and closely with our worldwide Rapid Response Medical Team.


LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services, Inc. is accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI), one of two accrediting bodies recognized globally by the air ambulance and travel insurance industry. We are accredited for adult critical care, inter-continental fixed wing air ambulance, and commercial airline medical repatriation.

Our 3 year accreditation renewal occurred in March 2019.

For Further Information: Patrick Hrusa, VP Business Development Direct: +1-647-707-1383

24/7 Dispatch +1-250-947-9641

Business Categories: Autre soutien; Fournisseurs d’assistance et de services; Services de rapatriement; Air Ambulance

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