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Title: Medical Director

Organization: Regent Air Inc.



Regent Air distinguishes itself in the air ambulance industry and is dedicated to elevating the standards of medical transportation. At the forefront of its mission is a commitment to providing unparalleled care and support during critical moments. Uniquely lead by its physician co-founders along with experienced critical care nurses, Regent Air prides in replicating the medical ethics and expectations that guide our staff in Canadian hospitals. It stands to exemplify the merger of aviation technology and our everchanging healthcare industry. Operating a fleet of PC12 NG and Citation III aircraft, complemented by an exceptionally skilled team, our company seamlessly transitions between medivac and air ambulance services based on the specific requirements. From the moment of initial contact, our medical professionals assume full responsibility for our patients, mirroring the efficiency and care found in Canadian emergency rooms. Our utmost concern is ensuring not only the safety but also the comfort of patients who are already dealing with complex medical issues.

Behind the scenes our pilots work closely with our aviation partners and consultants to ensure prompt pick-up and timely delivery of clients. Prior to accepting any mission, we conduct a comprehensive review of all factors associated with air transportation, as lateness or cancellations are unacceptable to us. Our pilots also have years of experience flying in the medical air ambulance setting and take pride in the professional interactions they have with patients. Testimonials from our clients consistently highlight the warm and friendly demeanor of our crew.

Beyond its operational excellence, Regent Air proactively collaborates with health authorities tied to governmental bodies and travel insurance providers contributing to the advancement of global healthcare solutions. The company invites professionals who share a dedication to excellence and innovation to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the continued growth and success of the air ambulance industry.

At Regent Air, the skies are not just a path; they are a conduit for compassionate care and seamless journeys. Join us as we soar to new heights, setting the standard for excellence in air ambulance services.

Business Categories: Fournisseurs d’assistance et de services; Services de rapatriement; Air Ambulance

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