Airmedic (Louis-Philippe Loiselle Fortier)


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Title: Vice-president, strategic initiatives and business development

Organization: Airmedic


Bio: Airmedic is an air ambulance company based in Montreal, Qc and offering services mainly in the Quebec province and is available for domestic repatriation through Canada and soon US with is PC-12 medically configured large fleet. Airmedic also offer non-medical, BLS ans ACLS level medical escorts on commercial flights internationaly. Airmedic is proud to be Qmentum certified with air medical standards by Accreditation Canada, demonstrating our quality of care and high standards of practices. Airmedic also offer helicopter emergency medical services in Quebec for interhospital and prehospital transports with our BK-117 large fleet.

Business Categories: Services de rapatriement; Air Ambulance

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Autres personnes ressources

Marie-Laure Denis, Deputy Medical operations director

Catherine Duchesne, Communications and digital strategy advisor

Sophie Larochelle, Chief Executive Officer