Natalya Butakova (AP Companies)


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Title: CEO

Organization: AP Companies


Bio: AP Companies is the leading Global medical assistance and cost containment TPA Company. AP is able to satisfy the expectation of the most demanding healthcare and travel world-renowned insurance companies while providing their members’ direct billing access to the medical providers in 185 countries. Our medical provider network is comprised of medical facilities capable of handling all levels of medical care: from ground ambulances to hospitals, outpatient medical clinics, university hospitals, air ambulances, labs, vaccination centres, private practices, diagnostic centres, specialised medical units etc. to satisfy any possible healthcare need of our Clients, wherever they happen to be during their lifetime journey. O AP Clients are Global Medical Insurance companies, Cruise companies and Global Corporations.

Business Categories: Autre soutien; Administrateurs d’assurance; Fournisseurs d’assistance et de services; Services de rapatriement; Claims Administrators; Limitation des coûts

Contact Information

AP Companies
361 Newbury street
Boston, MA
United States 02115

Téléphone: +18577079587


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