MSH Americas (Pamela Kwiatkowski)

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Title: Chief Revenue Officer

Organization: MSH Americas


Bio: MSH Americas provides international insurance, special risks and assistance solutions to globally-mobile individuals and businesses. We have one mission, understand and respond to the needs of today's globally-mobile individuals and organizations by anticipating and managing their risks to support their international development, exploration and well-being.

Business Categories: Autre soutien; Souscripteurs et réassureurs; Administrateurs d’assurance; Fournisseurs d’assistance et de services; Distributeurs d’assurance; Services de rapatriement; Air Ambulance; Claims Administrators; Limitation des coûts

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Jason Balde, Manager, Business Engagement

Kirsten Bertrand, Manager, Clinical Operations

Susanne Hendrickson, Director of Sales

Aman Ruprell, Product Analyst