Before You Travel

 I hear borders are reopened and travel advisories are changing. Where can I go to find out if the Canadian government has issued a travel advisory for my destination? affiché le 12:50 PM, Août 11, 2021
 I am planning on travelling. Where can I go to find information about my destination’s travel requirements? affiché le 11:20 AM, Mars 25, 2022
 Where can I go to find out about travel restrictions within Canada? affiché le 12:51 PM, Août 11, 2021
 How can I tell if my travel insurance policy will cover me for COVID-19? affiché le 12:52 PM, Août 11, 2021
 Will my trip cancellation and interruption insurance cover cancelled/rescheduled flights and travel restrictions? affiché le 12:54 PM, Août 11, 2021
 My travel supplier cancelled my trip due to COVID-19 or other reasons and I have been issued a travel credit or voucher for future travel. Can I claim a refund now under my travel insurance? affiché le 12:58 PM, Août 11, 2021
 I would like to purchase some insurance that will cover my medical or travel expenses if I contract COVID-19 in my destination or have to self-quarantine. How much coverage should I purchase? affiché le 12:59 PM, Août 11, 2021
 If I buy a special policy to cover COVID-19, or if I am covered on a complementary plan by my airline, is this enough coverage for my trip? affiché le 12:59 PM, Août 11, 2021