Tips and Updates about Travel Health Insurance

Prime Minister says border will remain closed
by Jo-Anne Liburd
posted on 7:32 AM, October 15, 2020
The Prime Minister has announced that the Canada-US border will remain closed as long as the US continues to have significant infection rates for the coronavirus COVID-19. “We have committed to keeping...
Advisory: Planning out-of-country travel? Make talking with your insurer part of your plans
by Joan Weir, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association
posted on 7:34 AM, July 10, 2020
A recent survey found that 20 per cent of Canadians plan to travel outside the country once the current COVID-19 related restrictions are lifted. If you are among them, travel insurers are urging you...
by Janet Pacini Thibodeau, Manulife
posted on 7:52 AM, June 1, 2020
The pandemic caused unprecedented change and pressure in the travel insurance industry. Manulife saw tens of thousands of customers affected by COVID-19; requiring them to either change their destinations...
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