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Not So Fast With That Trip To Buffalo: The U.S. Border May Be Re-Opening To Canadians, But ‘The Rules Are The Rules’
by Edward Keenan, Washington Bureau Chief, Toronto Star
posted on 9:19 AM, October 15, 2021
The acceptability of mixed-dose vaccinations, which have been approved in Canada but not in the U.S., and the Canadian border policy requiring a negative COVID-19 test to re-enter Canada may be obstacles for some time for Canadians wishing to visit the US when the border reopens.
US to Open Border to Canadian Travellers in November
by Jo-Anne Liburd
posted on 8:16 PM, October 12, 2021
New York Congressman Brian Higgins just said in a statement Tuesday night that the United States is planning to reopen its land border through all ports of entry to fully vaccinated non-essential travellers...
Fully Vaccinated And Ready To Travel Abroad? You Might Still Face Hurdles
by Sophia Harris, CBC News
posted on 8:37 AM, October 8, 2021
Travelling abroad during the pandemic is still complicated — and not yet recommended by the government. As variants remain a concern, travellers could face problems if their international destination suddenly imposes a lockdown, and some countries don't recognize mixed doses as fully vaccinated, for example.
US Extends Travel Restrictions at Canada's Land Border to October 21
by Jo-Anne Liburd
posted on 8:15 AM, September 20, 2021
The U.S. has extended its restrictions on land travel from Canada to at least Oct. 21, marking 18 months since the border has been open. Only essential travellers will be allowed to drive into the U.S., although air travellers may enter for any reason.
Trudeau Says People Who Are Not Fully Vaccinated Will Not Be Able To Travel On Planes Or Trains
by Marieke Walsh and Laura Stone, The Globe and Mail
posted on 10:32 AM, August 19, 2021
People who refuse COVID-19 vaccination will not be permitted to board domestic flights in Canada or to travel interprovincially on trains unless they have medical exemptions, Justin Trudeau said at a election campaign stop on Wednesday.
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