Tips and Updates about Travel Health Insurance

Staying Digitally Safe When You Travel
by Neal Jardine, BOXX Insurance
posted on 9:49 AM, February 2, 2023
A cyber attack happens every 20 seconds, and hackers are highly organized. Whether travelling for leisure or business, you could be a potential target to cyber criminals. We offer these six tips to be cyber savvy when travelling.
Five ways to cut costs on travel; plus, the one thing you should never skip
by CAA South Central Ontario
posted on 8:15 AM, February 2, 2023
Among the tips for travellers is the reminder to always purchase travel health insurance to give you peace of mind if your have an unexpected medical emergency while travelling.
Do you get travel insurance when traveling outside of B.C.?
by Castanet Staff
posted on 8:03 AM, January 24, 2023
Will McAleer, THIA Executive Director, explains that while most Canadian travellers who book trips abroad know they should purchase travel insurance, they might not realize that they won't have coverage when travelling within Canada outside of their province.
What you should know about travelling with medications
by Tommy Lloyd,
posted on 5:15 PM, January 21, 2023
Some medications that are legal in one country may be illegal in another. Read these tips to ensure you do not run afoul of the law on your next holiday.
What every traveller should know about insurance after Mazatlan violence
by Cindy Sosroutomo, Travelweek
posted on 6:09 AM, January 21, 2023
The harrowing travel impact of a wave of violence in the Mazatlan region of Mexico emphasized the importance of travel insurance. THIA Executive Director Will McAleer is interviewed in this article Q&A article on what consumers should know for peace of mind.
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