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PRESS RELEASE: Navacord’s landmark partnership with SécuriGlobe doubles their travel portfolio
by Navacord/SécuriGlobe
posted on 6:06 AM, May 17, 2024
Effective April 1, 2024, Navacord acquired SécuriGlobe assurance voyage, expanding its presence in Quebec. This is Navacord’s largest partnership of 2024 and its most substantial travel partnership to date.
PRESS RELEASE: Navacord double son portefeuille d’assurance voyage grâce à l’acquisition de SécuriGlobe
by Navacord/SécuriGlobe
posted on 6:03 AM, May 17, 2024
Navacord a le plaisir d’annoncer l’acquisition de SécuriGlobe assurance voyage. Il s’agit de la plus importante acquisition de Navacord en 2024 et la plus significative à ce jour en matière d’assurance voyage.
PRESS RELEASE: AirMed 360 Announces New Program Director
by Ashton Polk, AirMed
posted on 7:31 AM, April 29, 2024
Gabrielle Hosea will join AirMed on May 1 to serve as the new program director for the AirMed 360 Commercial Medical Escort Service.
‘Pretty scary’: Ill Ontario man stranded in Costa Rica finally recovering in Canada
by Ainsley Smith, Global News
posted on 7:37 AM, April 26, 2024
After spending weeks in a Costa Rican hospital, Grant Rice was finally stable enough to return to Ontario on a medical evacuation flight. However, the lack of available hospital beds in Ontario prevented his return. Only after Global TV shared his story was a bed opened for him. THIA Executive Director Will McAleer is interviewed for this story.
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