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U.S. To Stop Enforcing Mask Mandate On Domestic Planes, Trains After Judge Rules Order Unlawful
by The Associated Press
posted on 7:40 AM, April 19, 2022
The U.S. mask mandate on public transportation will no longer be enforced after a federal judge ruled the directive to reduce the spread of COVID-19 unlawful. To read more on this story, click here to...
Ontario couple who didn't buy insurance denied refund after getting COVID-19
by Pat Foran
posted on 6:26 AM, April 13, 2022
A Niagara couple chose not to buy travel health or cancellation insurance because of the flexible travel policy on their ticket. Unfortunately, they caught COVID after the flexibility changed and are out $3,400.
Travel Insurance Enters New World, As Pandemic Restrictions Ease
by Jason Contant, Canadian Underwriter
posted on 10:42 AM, March 28, 2022
THIA past president Brad Dance is quoted in this piece that notes easing travel restrictions and lowered advisories are enabling more insurers to offer travel products for consumers.
Finally Booking That Long-Delayed Vacation? Travel Insurance Now Covers COVID As Well As Trip Cancellations
by Josh Rubin, Toronto Star
posted on 6:52 AM, March 24, 2022
Many potential travellers are reassured to find out that they’re now able to get coverage in case they get COVID while travelling, something that wasn’t available earlier during the pandemic. It's important to know your policy though and understand what is covered.
Canadians Experience Lengthy Wait Times For Passports Due To Surge In Demand
by Ben Cousins, CTV News
posted on 6:43 AM, March 24, 2022
Processing time for a passport is five business days for those applying in person and 17 business days for those applying by mail.
COVID: Canada Lifting Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing Requirement as of April 1
by Jo-Anne Liburd & Travelweek
posted on 9:24 AM, March 16, 2022
As of April 1, fully vaccinated travellers will not be required to do a pre-arrival COVID-19 test to enter Canada. Random PCR testing of some travellers may take place at the airport, however.
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