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Tips and Updates about Travel Health Insurance

Advice for travel outside Canada this winter
by Global Affairs Canada
posted on 7:14 AM, December 1, 2022
As you prepare to travel abroad for the holidays, keep these tips in mind from Global Affairs Canada.
I’m Travelling South For The Winter – What Kind Of Travel Insurance Policy Should I Get?
by Srivindhya Kolluru, Special to Toronto Star
posted on 6:59 AM, November 22, 2022
A standard travel insurance policy may only cover you for 21 days, but snowbird travel insurance coverage is often available for around six months.
Travelling Over The Holidays? Airline Industry Workers Warn Of Disruptions, While Airlines Say Flights Will Run Smoothly
by Clarrie Feinstein, Toronto Star
posted on 6:46 AM, November 11, 2022
Airlines are assuring travellers that the first holiday season in two years without any COVID-19 travel restrictions will be a smooth one for air travel, while transport industry unions maintain that problems retaining workers will result in delays and cancellations.
What Snowbirds Need to Know Before Flying South
by Alyssa DiSabatino, Canadian Underwriter
posted on 6:32 AM, October 21, 2022
Snowbirds must purchase a snowbird travel policy and inform their home insurer and their auto insurer of their extended trip. Plan for someone to check on your property regularly. If something happens while you’re gone, your insurance company may deny your claim if they determine you didn’t do the proper upkeep and maintenance of your property.
Baffled by travel insurance fine print? Here’s what to know about covering yourself in pandemic times
by Jessica Wynne Lockhart
posted on 7:50 AM, October 11, 2022
Buying travel insurance is critical to ensuring you’re covered abroad, particularly in the pandemic era. In this article, THIA's Executive Director provides important tips for travellers regarding their insurance purchase.
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