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Tips and Updates about Travel Health Insurance

Everything B.C. residents need to know about buying travel insurance in 2023
by Elana Shepert, Vancouver is Awesome
posted on 11:17 AM, September 28, 2023
THIA Executive Director Will McAleer provides valuable advice for consumers about purchasing travel insurance for their trip in this extensive tips article.
Do I Need Travel Insurance When Travelling Within Canada?
by Fiona Campbell, Forbes Advisor
posted on 9:38 AM, September 25, 2023
Whether you’re planning a long trip or a quick jaunt to another province, if you think your provincial health insurance will cover all your medical expenses while away, think again.
Accident in the U.S. leaves Manitoba snowbirds with $12K bill
by Danton Unger, CTV News
posted on 10:35 AM, August 9, 2023
THIA Executive Director Will McAleer emphasizes the importance of understanding your travel health insurance coverage in this piece about a Winnipeg couple who must pay out of pocket for surgery performed in the U.S.
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