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Tips and Updates about Travel Health Insurance

If My Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled, Can Insurance Offered By My Credit Card Help Cover The Cost?
by Srivindhya Kolluru, Toronto Star
posted on 4:47 AM, August 3, 2022
With myriad travel industry issues adding unexpected disruptions to travellers' plans and reports that airlines aren't compensating for delays and cancellations, a travel credit card may offer you the medical or trip cancellation/interruption insurance coverage you need when the unexpected happens.
Ottawa Set To Announce End To Vaccine Mandates For Domestic Travel, Outbound Flights
by Ashley Burke and Richard Raycraft, CBC News
posted on 4:30 AM, June 14, 2022
Today the federal government will announce an end to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for domestic travel on planes and trains and for outbound international travel. The mandate may be reinstated if new COVID-19 variants emerge.
Changes to COVID Travel Requirements
by Jo-Anne Liburd
posted on 8:03 AM, June 11, 2022
The US and Canadian federal governments have each made announcements about changes to their COVID travel requirements. Starting Sunday, June 12, the US CDC is dropping its requirement that travellers...
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