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Pre-Clearing Canadian Customs in the US in Discussion
by Milan Korcok
posted on 9:30 AM, March 15, 2018
To any returning Canadian dreading customs clearance at Toronto’s Pearson airport, the idea of pre-clearing in Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, or Chicago instead, may sound like Nirvana. But that very idea...
2017 Hurricane Season’s Effect on 2018 Tourism
by Milan Korcok, Jo-Anne Liburd
posted on 9:50 AM, February 15, 2018
Last fall’s triple whammy hurricane season—Harvey in Texas, and Irma and Maria—redefined the tourism landscape for Canadians booking vacations in affected regions this winter. Here is an update on the progress of reparations.
Regulatory Affairs Committee Bulletin
by Jo-Anne Liburd
posted on 2:36 PM, February 14, 2018
Businesses operating in Nunavut will have to comply with new language laws.
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