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InsureMyTrip Names Suzanne Morrow as Chief Executive Officer

by Press Release: InsureMyTrip, posted on 1:47 PM, February 15, 2024
InsureMyTrip has named Suzanne Morrow as its new CEO. The retired US Air Force captain joined the company in 2016 and most recently held the post of Senior Vice President.

InsureMyTrip, Canada’s rapidly growing travel insurance comparison website, announces Suzanne Morrow as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Since joining InsureMyTrip in 2016, Morrow has played a crucial role in the company’s overall growth and international expansion. Her attention to detail, innate leadership skills, and ability to enhance interdepartmental collaboration have rapidly elevated Morrow’s position in the company. Today, just eight years later, she holds the highest position in the company. 
“I’m honoured for this opportunity to lead InsureMyTrip into the next phase of its history,” said Morrow. “I firmly believe that providing a diverse range of travel insurance options is not just a service, but a responsibility. As I embark on this new journey, I am grateful for the leadership and unwavering support of my predecessor, Peter Evans.”  

While Peter Evans has retired from the CEO position, he remains as a strategic advisor to support a seamless leadership transition. “Suzanne’s exceptional leadership qualities and vision for the future align perfectly with our company’s values and ambitions. I am excited to see the positive transformations that will come under her guidance,” says InsureMyTrip Chairman Peter Evans. “I extend my best wishes for success and look forward to witnessing the remarkable journey ahead.” 

Morrow remains steadfast in her commitment to uphold and further the mission of InsureMyTrip, a travel insurance comparison site renowned for its ethical and fair business practices. She passionately advocates for the principles of integrity and transparency, which stand at the core of InsureMyTrip’s philosophy. Recognizing the importance of these values in fostering trust and reliability among customers, she continually strives to ensure that every aspect of the business aligns with these ideals.   
Her leadership is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and fairness, ensuring that customers receive unbiased, comprehensive information to make well-informed insurance decisions. This unwavering dedication to ethical standards reinforces InsureMyTrip’s position as an industry leader and resonates with the growing consumer demand for authenticity and ethical business conduct in the travel insurance sector.  
Over the past several years, Morrow’s relationship-driven leadership has been instrumental in guiding the company’s expansion strategy; underpinned by strong relationships and market savvy, she has not only increased the company’s footprint but also enhanced its reputation as a trusted and innovative solution in the competitive travel insurance marketplace.  
Morrow began her career at InsureMyTrip in 2016 as the Client Services Program Manager. She worked her way up to Director of Product and Services, then Vice President of Business Development, before being promoted as InsureMyTrip’s first female Senior Vice President.  
Before coming to InsureMyTrip, Morrow held several leadership positions and is a retired Captain from the United States Air Force.