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PRESS RELEASE: AirMed 360 Announces New Program Director

by Ashton Polk, AirMed, posted on 7:31 AM, April 29, 2024
Gabrielle Hosea will join AirMed on May 1 to serve as the new program director for the AirMed 360 Commercial Medical Escort Service.

AirMed International (AirMed) is thrilled to announce beginning May 1, Gabrielle Hosea will serve as the new program director for the AirMed 360 Commercial Medical Escort Service (AirMed 360). This program assists patients whose condition allows them to be repatriated by commercial transport, such as airplanes, trains and cruise lines. In this role, Hosea will oversee end-to-end quality care, logistics and vendor relations for these commercial medical transports on a global scale.

“Gaby is passionate about travel and global healthcare awareness,” said Denise Treadwell, president of AirMed International. “Her dedication, coupled with her extensive background in the industry, perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering outstanding international service to our customers.”

Before joining AirMed International, Gaby founded Rescue Nurse International, which became the first commercial medical escort program to receive the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) accreditation. Through her experience of growing and expanding medical escort services, Gaby will now apply her advanced skillset to the enhancement and growth of AirMed 360, beginning initially with AirMed’s Canada, United Arab Emirates and Singapore locations.

“I am excited to officially join the AirMed team and positively impact and navigate patient needs unique to the global travel industry,” said Hosea. “It is my hope that the access and quality of international patient care only continues to increase.”

AirMed International is an experienced and trusted provider of bedside-to-bedside patient care at a global level and is dedicated to providing care at a moment’s notice.

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