Industry News > PRESS RELEASE: Navacord’s landmark partnership with SécuriGlobe doubles their travel portfolio

PRESS RELEASE: Navacord’s landmark partnership with SécuriGlobe doubles their travel portfolio

by Navacord/SécuriGlobe, posted on 6:06 AM, May 17, 2024
Effective April 1, 2024, Navacord acquired SécuriGlobe assurance voyage, expanding its presence in Quebec. This is Navacord’s largest partnership of 2024 and its most substantial travel partnership to date.

Navacord is thrilled to announce their recent acquisition of SécuriGlobe assurance voyage, effective as of April 1. This is Navacord’s largest partnership of 2024 and its most substantial travel partnership to date.

SécuriGlobe assurance voyage, founded in 1999, is one of the largest and premier travel insurance brokers in Canada. Headquartered in Montreal, the renowned travel protection and health insurance distributor doubles the size of Navacord’s travel portfolio while also expanding its presence in Quebec. Catered mainly towards the snowbird population, SécuriGlobe also specializes in products for visitors to Canada and emergency medical.

“Joining forces with SécuriGlobe is a pivotal moment for Navacord as we enhance our travel offerings with a distinguished leader in the travel sector,” says Melanie Muise, President of Personal Lines

and Travel, Navacord. “This partnership not only grows our travel portfolio; it also underscores our commitment to growth in this space, which we are actively pursuing.”

Since she was appointed as President of PL and Travel last August, Muise has spearheaded Navacord’s efforts to build out national expertise and presence in both personal and travel insurance, and welcoming SécuriGlobe to Navacord serves as a tangible step forward in their growth strategy.

“As Navacord continues to broaden our reach across different niches and regions, the addition of SécuriGlobe positions us well for further geographic expansion and product diversification,” adds Shawn DeSantis, President and CEO, Navacord.

“We are highly confident that this transaction will bring continued success for SécuriGlobe and strengthen the value proposition for its customers,” says Sylvain Charbonneau, President and CEO of Blue Cross Canassurance, who SécuriGlobe is transitioning from. “Navacord’s commitment to the

brokerage business combined with their demonstrated progression and scale, as well as the opportunity to reinforce our existing partnership is what made Navacord the ideal destination for SécuriGlobe in our respective long-term growth journey.”

With this partnership, Navacord solidifies its position as a leading provider of travel risk management solutions from coast to coast.

About Navacord

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Navacord is one of Canada’s top three commercial insurance brokerages. With $3 billion in premiums, Navacord stands as a leader in group insurance and risk management solutions. From commercial and personal insurance to surety, employee benefits and retirement consulting, Navacord leverages national strength and resources with the local touch service of industry-specialized Navacord Broker Partners to deliver the trusted advice, expertise and custom insurance solutions clients need to face the future with confidence.

With a unique ownership model and value proposition, Navacord is the preferred partner for entrepreneurial insurance brokerages seeking to grow as a part of something bigger, while maintaining their distinct identity and culture.

About SécuriGlobe

SécuriGlobe is one of the largest travel insurance brokers in Canada. We work in partnership with a network of more than 1,000 active partners across Canada and represent a variety of recognized insurers.

Our priority is to provide you with travel protection that perfectly meets your needs while offering you unparalleled service.

SecuriGlobe offers a diversified range of exclusive protection products linked to several of the largest insurers in Canada. This allows us to offer you more than 30 adapted and personalized products, whether for short or long stays, interprovincial or cross-border travel, vacation or business travel.

About Blue Cross Canassurance

Headquartered in Montreal, Blue Cross Canassurance has been a leading health partner that provides health, travel, and life insurance benefits and assistance services to individuals and organizations for over 80 years. Member of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans, Blue Cross Canassurance operates under the Quebec Blue Cross and Ontario Blue Cross brands and is committed to providing innovative insurance products to its clients and partners. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary CanAssistance, Blue Cross Canassurance also provides travel and health assistance products and services to its corporate partners, serving millions of Canadians across the country