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When I return to Canada what will I need to do?

posted on 1:08 PM, August 11, 2021

ALL travellers should complete the ArriveCAN requirements prior to arrival.  This can be done either through the ArriveCAN app on a smartphone or the ArriveCAN website. All travellers in a group can be entered into your account and added to a single ArriveCAN form. You will need to upload passports and vaccination certificates for all travellers you add to your account, and complete the rest of the form and questionnaire prior to arrival.  It is important to complete the ArriveCAN form prior to presenting your passport at the border to minimize delays or enforcement actions.

Canada has different entry requirements depending on your vaccine status. You can check if you qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller here.

Effective April 1, 2022 the Government of Canada no longer requires fully-vaccinated travellers entering Canada to complete a pre-arrival COVID-19 test. Travellers may still be subject to random testing after entry to identify and track variants.

For unvaccinated travellers or travellers unsure of their vaccine status please visit for further details on outbound travel and re-entry to Canada policies and restrictions.

Travellers who require pre-entry testing should have their test results ready at the border.

Information is regularly updated on the Government of Canada’s COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders information page.  Costs incurred due to entry requirements are at the travellers’ expense and are not likely to be covered by your travel insurance policy as most travel medical policies cover expenses related to medical emergencies only.

Check for the most current information and details at before you leave and prior to your return.  These rules and guidelines are subject to frequent change.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES – If you travel, travel and come home safely following all public health guidelines. Please monitor for changing rules and guidelines and be aware that travel regulations are expected to continue to change as the Government of Canada continues to roll out their phased easing of travel restrictions in the future.