Travel Insurance FAQ > Does THIA offer travel health insurance?

Does THIA offer travel health insurance?

posted on 1:02 PM, July 14, 2021

The Travel Health Insurance Association (THIA) is the national organization that represents travel insurers, brokers, underwriters, re-insurers, emergency assistance companies, air ambulance companies and allied services in the travel insurance field. We do not provide insurance products.

Unlike insurance companies that issue policies and promises to pay benefits for incidents covered in their policies, THIA establishes standards of excellence for insurance providers so consumers can receive the best service when searching and purchasing travel health insurance. THIA also provides education on travel health insurance for consumers through videos, social media and other means. Our annual Smart Traveller survey identifies and shares information on trends in travel and consumer insurance understanding so that our industry is able to address them.

A broker is a licensed professional that can legally sell insurance. They can also be called an agent or an advisor. Brokers are regulated by provincial and territorial legislations and can provide you information on individual insurance policies.