Travel Insurance FAQ > I have insurance through my work or credit card, Is this enough?

I have insurance through my work or credit card, Is this enough?

posted on 12:56 PM, July 14, 2021

Some credit cards and companies offer travel insurance, but there may be limitations and restrictions to your coverage. It’s important you know the details of your policy and be aware of any specific restrictions your credit card company may have. Read through the details of your policy and keep THIA’s four golden rules in mind, then ask your insurance provider questions specific to your health and travel activities. The Golden Rules:

Know your trip – Your trip details and medical history will determine your eligibility for travel health insurance. Are you going to be mountain climbing, skiing, drinking heavily or taking part in other activities? Let your insurer know about any high-risk activities that you may have planned for your trips so that you can get the right plan for your needs.

Know your health -- It’s important to know your medical history and declare any pre-existing medical conditions. Provide all information to your insurer to get an appropriate policy for you.

Know your policy – Make sure your policy covers your needs. For example, will you need coverage for you or your whole family? Will it cover any pre-existing conditions you/your family member(s) have? Will you be covered for one trip or many in the year? Will you be able to extend your policy if you have to stay longer than expected? What are the steps to extending? Will you be covered for COVID-19? Understanding your policy is key to peace of mind.

Know your rights and responsibilities – As a travel health insurance consumer, you have rights and responsibilities. THIA's short Bill of Rights and Responsibilities video will help you understand what to expect and what to do when buying or making a claim on your travel health insurance.