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What is TRIP Certification?

posted on 2:35 PM, November 18, 2019

TRIP is THIA’s Travel Insurance Program that offers an online curriculum about travel health insurance. This 12-part program was developed in 2019 by industry experts and provides a comprehensive training program specifically designed for the Canadian Travel Insurance Industry.

TRIP gives industry professionals and individuals interested in working in travel and travel insurance a foundation of knowledge for their careers. It is the first program of its kind and equips users with the technical expertise and professional competence required to excel in the Canadian Travel Insurance Industry.

Look for TRIP Certified Travel Professionals

When you purchase your travel insurance from a TRIP certified salesperson you know you are dealing with an individual who is committed to the Canadian Travel Insurance Industry and has invested the time to distinguish themselves.

A TRIP certified salesperson is equipped the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the Canadian Travel Insurance industry. This helps them to be able to better support you as the customer and clearly explain all the details of the product including coverage and exclusions so you know what you are buying.

TRIP certified agents understand the coverage options available and can help you make the right choice for your travel insurance needs and those of others travelling with you. They are also fully trained on claims handling and will be able to help you navigate that process should it be necessary.