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Advice for travel outside Canada this winter

by Global Affairs Canada, posted on 7:14 AM, December 1, 2022
As you prepare to travel abroad for the holidays, keep these tips in mind from Global Affairs Canada.

On December 1, 2022, Global Affairs Canada issued the following statement: 

“As winter approaches, many Canadians may be making plans to head to beaches or slopes outside Canada. This is a good opportunity to remind them of the wealth of information and advice available on, including: 

  • Canada’s destination-specific Travel Advice and Advisories which has information on security conditions, entry and exit requirements, local laws and customs, risk levels and more
  • the free Registration of Canadians abroad service, which notifies travellers of the latest updates in case of an emergency outside of Canada or a personal emergency at home
  • advice on choosing travel insurance and planning for unexpected expenses 

“For a safe time away, Canadians should:

  • make sure they have—and always keep safe—all the valid travel documents they may need at their destination, including their passports and any visas
  • follow the laws of the countries they are visiting to avoid trouble
  • carry important emergency contact information, including for the nearest Canadian office serving their destinations and the Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa   

“The above is part of the important information and advice found on that can help Canadians make informed decisions before starting their trips, keeping in mind they are responsible for their own safety while travelling.” 

Quick facts 

  • The number of Canadians requiring urgent consular assistance is usually highest during the winter months. The most common types of consular cases are accidents and medical assistance cases, as well as those where a Canadian was a victim of crime.
  • The Government of Canada provides consular assistance to Canadians abroad should they need it. However, there are circumstances in which its ability to provide consular support may be limited. 

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