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Canadians should avoid travelling abroad this winter

by Global Affairs Canada, posted on 9:23 AM, December 21, 2020
The Canadian government is warning against all non-essential travel outside the country and reminds Canadians that consular services may have limited capacity to help them in an emergency.

Winter is here and many Canadians might be thinking of travelling to warmer climates. Global Affairs Canada reminds Canadians that the travel situation is different this year because of COVID-19.

The Government of Canada still advises that Canadians avoid all non-essential travel and cruise ship travel outside Canada, until further notice.

Travellers should note that the Government of Canada might have limited capacity to offer consular services. There are no plans for more repatriation flights. Restrictions and risks abroad could leave travellers stranded and vulnerable.

This winter, it is best for Canadian travellers to rediscover what Canada has to offer as a winter destination. The decision to stay home may be difficult, but is the right one to protect loved ones and fellow Canadians.

Other risks of travelling abroad during the pandemic:

  • Local public health measures may be less strict than in Canada and could put you at greater risk of infection.
  • Essential products and services may become difficult to get.
  • Curfews, lockdowns and quarantines may happen without notice.
  • Flight options could be reduced, making it difficult to return to Canada.
  • Travel insurance plans may not cover medical expenses or a longer stay than expected.
  • Access to adequate health care may be limited.
  • Some countries don’t require testing and quarantine, but public health measures for re-entering Canada still apply, including quarantine.


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