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Everything B.C. residents need to know about buying travel insurance in 2023

by Elana Shepert, Vancouver is Awesome, posted on 11:17 AM, September 28, 2023
THIA Executive Director Will McAleer provides valuable advice for consumers about purchasing travel insurance for their trip in this extensive tips article.

Travel insurance policies vary widely across Canadian providers -- but it is up to the consumer to ensure they will be covered. 

Will McAleer, executive director of the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA), says travellers shouldn't put insurance on a quick to-do list before they leave for a trip.

Purchasing a policy "needs to be a process," he tells V.I.A., noting that there are several factors to consider, including your current health status, pre-existing conditions, age, health history, and more. 

There are two main categories of travel insurance: coverage for medical emergencies incurred on a trip, and coverage that protects the "travel investments" with a trip cancellation policy. The latter protects the cost travellers pay to travel to and from their destinations, as well as their accommodation and any other activities on their trip. 

A comprehensive travel insurance plan will cover travellers for the cost of their trip, trip interruptions, baggage loss, baggage delay, as well as emergency medical expenses.  

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