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What every traveller should know about insurance after Mazatlan violence

by Cindy Sosroutomo, Travelweek, posted on 6:09 AM, January 21, 2023
The harrowing travel impact of a wave of violence in the Mazatlan region of Mexico emphasized the importance of travel insurance. THIA Executive Director Will McAleer is interviewed in this article Q&A article on what consumers should know for peace of mind.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the unexpected can happen at a moment’s notice. 

As we saw repeatedly since March 2020, a singular event can set off a chain reaction of government advisories, grounded airplanes, closed airports and the frenzied repatriation of travellers. 

But it’s not just the arrival of a new virus (and its many variants thereafter) that can trigger such a response, as recent violence in Mazatlan, Mexico has proven.

Though certainly not on the same level as a global pandemic, the aftermath of Mazatlan’s wave of violence earlier this month following the arrest of an alleged cartel leader, led to a swift response by the Canadian government, including a non-essential travel advisory to several areas in Mexico and a shelter-in-place advisory for Canadians in destination. Mazatlan’s airport and others in the area were forced to close, leading Sunwing and WestJet to temporarily cancel operations to and from the destination. 

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